Our Story

Nancy Tingey founded Painting with Parkinsons in 1994 to combine her role as a community artist and art curator with caring for her husband Bob who had been diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1987 at the age of 46.  More about Nancy.

‚ÄčThe philosophy underpinning Painting with Parkinsons is based on research. The methodology used in each workshop is evidence-based and emphasises the process and materials of art to lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's through immersion in the creative process. More about the Research.

Painting with Parkinsons meets weekly in the Joseph Banks building at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra. Workshops are conducted by experienced Painting with Parkinsons facilitators who are supported by valued volunteers.  More about our Facilitators.

Painting with Parkinsons would not exist without the big-heartedness of those that volunteer.  From assisting in workshops to making morning tea, to fundraising activities, every contribution helps the program flourish and provides enormous benefits to those who participate.  Contact Us to Volunteer.

Many workshops include poetry or literary readings and singing or instrumental musical performances.  Warm up exercises and meditation often form part of the introduction to the session. Rather than being taught or directed, artists are encouraged to become absorbed in their own work which results in unique, individual artworks. High quality art materials are used to create vibrant clarity of colour and line.  More about music and poetry.

Workshops vary and may include painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics or writing. All workshops conclude with respectful group discussion and sharing about the work created during the session.