You brush a sepia wash —
   a famine of dried up earth
   appears on artists paper.
   You move a single line dark and true —
   determined to meet the edge.
   Your mark becomes a line,
   becomes a curve — of angel's wing

                           Moya Pacey

Music's ability to elicit vivid and highly subjective associations with colour, emotion and memory has long been seen as an ideal catalyst for initiating painting, particularly in an art therapeutic context. 

Several musicians from the acclaimed Canberra Symphony Orchestra regularly share their musical mastery at selected sessions using the Tingey Painting with Parkinsons program Nancy Tingey 2016 methodology - artists immerse themselves in the process of expressing their creativity through the connection to melody and rhythm.

In 2012 The Colour of Sound exhibition displayed a cohesive and powerful body of artwork that had emerged from a collaborative project between musicians at the Australian National University School of Music and the artists.

In 2013, the School of Music Poets in Canberra published several poems, written in response to diverse and beautiful artwork created by the artists.  School of Music Poets is an ekphrastic writing group that aims to explore the relationship between poetry, music and other art forms by providing a wide variety of rich artistic experiences for its members for poetic response. 

Music and Poetry

The Colour of Sound