Tingey ​Painting with Parkinsons program 

‘Much of the art which emerges from this program engages the viewer on a number of levels.

Aesthetically it encompasses a vitality and visual presence which accords with all of our formal definitions and experience of art - more importantly however on a human and emotional level it also conveys a form of narrative and portrait of each artist which is profoundly affirming and engaging’.

John Pratt, Tingey Painting with Parkinsons program Nancy Tingey 2016 Coordinator

The Tingey Painting with Parkinsons  program ©Nancy Tingey 2016 is now recognised as one of the most effective art therapy programs in the world for people with Parkinson's.

The program is structured to bring about significant benefits to those who participate, from relief of symptoms such as tremor to reduced feelings of isolation and depression.


Held at the Botanic Gardens in 

Canberra Australia since 1994

©Nancy Tingey 2016

The philosophy underpinning the Tingey Painting with Parkinsons program ©Nancy Tingey 2016 is based on research. The structure used in each session is evidence based and emphasises the process and materials of art to lessen the symptoms of Parkinson's through immersion in the creative process. 

Overriding all else, there is respect for each individual and an empathetic understanding of the path being travelled by those with Parkinson's and their carers.

Making a Mark